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Learn More About building. Post the Definition of building to Facebook Share the Definition of building on Twitter Time Traveler for building. The first known use of building was in the 13th century. See more words from the same century.
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Sturgis'' Dictionary included that building" differs from architecture in excluding all idea of artistic treatment; and it differs from construction in the idea of excluding scientific or highly skilful treatment" 4 As a verb, building is the act of construction.
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Sinonimi: structure, edifice, dwelling, house, home, altro. Collocazioni: a new, old, ancient, brick building, work, supervise on a building site, a famous, an important building, altro. Forum discussions with the word s building in the title.: Discussioni nei forum nel cui titolo è presente la parola building.:
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Class A or 4-star building: Rents in the top 30-40 of the local market; well-located; above-average upkeep and management; usually older than a trophy/5-star building. Class B or 3-star building: Rents between Class A and Class C; fair-to-good locations; average upkeep and management.
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The use of natural elements, such as light and air, as part of the architecture reaches its climax in the huge elliptical piazza, excavated eight metres deep. Where it intersects with the ellipses curve, the straight building is literally cut to the quick, revealing its inner layout and structure, culminating in the series of free-standing columns on the terrace that continues the line of columns leading to the barchessa.

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