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Majestic Athletic, a sportswear company. Majestic Film Company, also known as Majestic Motion Pictures, a film studio established in 1911 in California. Majestic Hotel Group, a Catalan hotel group based in Barcelona. Majestic International Cruises, a cruise line based in Greece.
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a majestic pillar of society who continues to entertain in grand style a majestic Egyptian pyramid that has enthralled travelers for aeons. Recent Examples on the Web These majestic mountains and peaks - part of the Canadian Rockies within Alberta's' Jasper National Park - were named for QEII after her ascent in 1953.
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IPA key: məˈdʒɛstɪk. majestic comparative more majestic, superlative most majestic. Having qualities of splendor or royalty. The gymnast performed a majestic vault. having splendor or royalty. Armenian: մեծաշուք hy mecašukʿ, վեհ hy veh, վեհապանծ hy vehapanc, վսեմ hy vsem, փառահեղ hy pʿaṙaheł.
GitHub - Raathigesh/majestic: Zero config GUI for Jest.
yarn global add majestic install majestic globally cd my-jest-project go into a project with Jest majestic execute majestic. or install Majestic globally via Npm and run majestic. npm install majestic -g install majestic globally cd my-jest-project go into a project with Jest majestic execute majestic.

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